Cairns Test & Tag Electrical Services

Cairns Test & Tag Electrical Services

Cairns test and tag electrical services are all a part of the solutions, that Integral Electrics Qld are proud to provide to businesses and residential clients across the city and its surrounding suburbs. Most commercial clients will already be aware that Cairns testing and tagging is legislated and mandatory in the workplace. This is to protect employees and clients from accidental shocks and/or electrocution by faulty equipment and power cords. While testing and tagging is not mandatory for the home, it makes sense that this is the place you’d want the most protection and peace of mind. Keeping yourself, your family and friends all safe. As an experienced Master Electricians Member and locally owned and family run business, safety is one of the most important aspects and priority of our daily operations. Our Cairns test and tag electrical services are comprehensive and completely mobile, so we’ll come to you. If you need it tested and tagged, we’re the team you can trust. Contact us today for a quote on 0480 091 035, or text 0488 846 626 or

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The timings of test and tag for offices can vary. For large equipment which is mostly immobile, such as printers and freezers, test and tag should be conducted annually. While mobile items, such as hair dryers in salons, should be checked every 3 months.



For building, construction or demolition businesses, test and tag of your equipment and appliances needs to be completed every 3 months. This is due to the nature of your operations and harsh environment you work in, meaning appliances are more likely to be damaged.



As with offices, the timings for test and tag requirements to ensure compliance, depends on the nature of your services. For example, cleaning companies are considered to operate in a hostile environment and as such, should be testing and tagging every 12 months.



It’s mandatory that every residential property in Queensland is equipped with a safety switch. If you are a landlord, it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s fitted. Beyond that, if you ever feel a tingle from an appliance, you should stop using it immediately and get it tested.

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Commercial Test & Tag Services Cairns

Integral Electrics Qld provide comprehensive commercial test and tag services. Cairns’ business community is comprised of many different industries, from IT to Retail, Tourism and Hospitality, Cleaning, Manufacturing, Building, Construction, Demolition and more. Queensland Government legislation surrounding the frequency of your required Cairns commercial test and tag electrical services, all depends on the nature of your business, the specific appliances involved and the environment in which they are used.

Here at Integral Electrics Qld, we are across all of those requirements, and as a part of us providing the best solutions for your commercial test and tag services Cairns, we’ll maintain an Asset Register on your specific needs and send reminders when your next test and tag is due. For more information or to arrange a quote on our Cairns test and tag electrical services for commercial clients, contact us today on 0480 091 035 or text 0488 846 626 or email

Residential Test & Tag Services Cairns

At Integral Electrics Qld everything we do is driven by providing our customers with the solutions for their electrical needs. Our residential test and tag services Cairns are comprehensive and while you’re not legislated to do it, it makes sense to take care of those you love the most, by ensuring (and testing) your electrical safety and appliances. Especially in these days of home offices, when a lot of additional electrical appliances have been brought into the home, to enable remote working. All of those computers, printers and more should be tested and tagged.

Our Cairns residential test and tag electrical services can be tailored to suit your needs. If you are not planning to have routine test and tags completed, you might be wondering when you should get them done. Definitely, if you’ve had any water damage in your property, especially around your appliances, you need to get them tested. Also, if your appliances are giving you the tingles (or the shivers), get in touch with us for some immediate Cairns residential test and tag services.

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