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Cairns Security Lights: Supply And Install

Cairns security lights are a cost-effective way to put any intruders in the spotlight, literally, and at Integral Electrics Qld we provide the solutions to best suit your property and its location. This might include flood lights, spot lights and motion sensor lights, which can be installed on eaves, walls, fences, poles and doors. They can be manually operated or integrated with your smart automation for maximum control. Our Cairns security lights services are suitable for residential and commercial clients, including body corporates and real estate agents, and our mobile team of professional electricians attend properties across Cairns and its surrounds, from Gordonvale to Port Douglas. When you choose Integral Electrics Qld as your preferred security lights Cairns supplier, we will work with you to develop a Cairns security lights solution for your budget and property. Contact us today on phone or text 0480 091 035 or We guarantee attendance within 24 hours during the working week for your security lights requirements. Our Security Firm License number is #471558.

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>Outdoor Security Lights

Outdoor Security Lights

While lighting may seem a simple solution to enhance property protection, it is effective. Intruders prefer to work under the cloak of darkness, outdoor security lights removes that cloak and is often enough to move them on to the next property.

>Flood Lights

Flood Lights

Flood lights are a great option for clients seeking commercial security lights Cairns, to light up large spaces. They are the ideal choice for sporting facilities, industrial areas and storage spaces. They can be automatic or motion activated and come in a range of styles.

>Spot Lights

Spot Lights

Spot lights are a popular choice with many property owners as their Cairns security light of choice. Why? They provide targeted beams of directional light, making them suitable to light up driveways, decks, staircases, apartment passageways and more.

>Motion Sensor Lights

Motion Sensor Lights

We definitely think motion activated lights are the right choice when it comes to Cairns security lights. As the name suggests they are triggered to turn on in response to motion, which is what you want for security purposes, especially for homes.

The Benefits Of Cairns Security Lights

  • Peace of Mind
  • Visual Deterrence
  • Increase Property Value
  • Enhance Lifestyle

Cairns Security Lights For Residential Purposes

Cairns security lights are the first step for many people looking to enhance their home security. They come in a range of styles, colours and functionality and with Integral Electrics Qld, you can place them at strategic points around the property to light up the darkness. Obviously, they come into their own at night, but not just to deter potential criminals. Generally speaking, people like to position their Cairns security lights in such a way as to illuminate the main entrances to a property, be that a driveway, garage, front door, deck or porch. In addition to providing a visual deterrent to would-be robbers, these lights can also be a beacon for residents and/or their guests coming and going during the evening. So practical as well as functional.

When choosing Cairns security lights for your property, the main consideration is whether you want it to be motion activated, which 95% of the time is what we suggest. Having the light triggered by motion, means that for the rest of the time (when nothing is moving / happening) it is dark – this not only saves money on your power bill, but also means those who may be sleeping in rooms near the security light, don’t have it shining all night long disturbing their sleep. Also, fun fact, Cairns security lights do not need to be those stock standard spot lights (although they can be if you want), they do come in a range of different styles and colours, including uplights and downlights, which means you can choose a light that matches your building and style choices.

Cairns Security Lights For Commercial Purposes

Security lights for business premises – including but not limited to offices, sporting facilities, industrial areas and storage spaces – usually have different considerations and requirements, to those being selected for residential use. Why? Unless you have guard patrols, there is no one present to respond to the activation of a motion sensor light. So many commercial premises opt for flood lights or spot lights, and then integrate them with cameras for a more comprehensive security system. How many lights you need, and the type of light, all depends on the type of building and/or outdoor space you are trying to illuminate.

At Integral Electrics Qld we partner with our clients to provide the solution, so if you have a commercial premises and want to enhance your property protection with the addition of Cairns security lights, give us a call or text 0480 091 035 or We look forward to lighting the way today, for a safer tomorrow and guarantee attendance within 24 hours during the working week, for your security lights requirements. Please note for your peace of mind, we also provide an after hours emergency call out service, at night, on the weekend and public holidays, we will be there when you need us.

Are security lights a good way to enhance security at your residential or commercial property?

Police data confirms that Cairns is currently experiencing high levels of crime. In fact, at 18,239 offences per 100,000 people (in 2022), it is the highest offence rate recorded for the Far North region in two decades. Property owners are taking action and steps to help secure their property and often times, security lighting is a great place to start. Not only is it a visible deterrence to potential criminals, by illuminating key access points to your property, it also provides property owners with visibility if they are returning home late themselves.

Where should you strategically position your Cairns security lights?

This all depends on the property. Generally speaking, Cairns security lights should be positioned to illuminate key entry points to a property. This is usually a driveway, garage, front door, back door, deck, porch and/or staircase. Careful placement ensures optimal coverage and minimizes false activations.

What types of bulbs do we recommend for Cairns security lights?

At Integral Electrics Qld we recommend LED bulbs for your Cairns security lighting. LED bulbs are known for their energy efficiency, extended lifespan and powerful illumination, making them an ideal choice for our environment and your power bills.

Is it possible to adjust motion sensor sensitivity and activation duration in Cairns security lights?

It depends on what product you select for your Cairns security lights, but generally speaking, yes you can adjust the motion sensor sensitivity and range. Talk to us about your requirements and we can help select the right Cairns security lights to deliver on those needs.

Can your Cairns security lights provide remote control or smartphone integration?

Again, it all depends on what product you choose but ‘yes’ there are many Cairns security lights that offer advanced features including remote control capabilities and smartphone integration. These features provide you with the means to easily manage light activation, adjust settings, and receive motion detection notifications from wherever you are. Now that’s smart.

For security lighting purposes, what's the difference between a flood light and spot light?

Spot lights work well as Cairns security lights if you have a specific area you want to illuminate, such as a driveway or front / back door. Flood lights work well if you have a larger area you want to illuminate, such as a secure storage facility, car park, sporting facility etc.

Do security lights actually deter burglars?

Yes. Those wanting to access your property for the purposes of stealing want to do so in the easiest and most low risk way possible. If you have security lights and the property next door does not, then chances are, the criminals will head next door. Cairns security lights remove the cloak of darkness, which is their protection whilst trying to open your doors and/or windows, and increases the chance of them being seen and identified.

How can you optimize the effectiveness of your Cairns security lights?

The purchase and installation of Cairns security lights at your property is an investment in your safety. Integral Electrics Qld will help you maximise their effectiveness with professional advice regarding the appropriate quantity of security lights for your property, optimum locations and height for installation and orientation of the light. We can also provide advice on integrating your new Cairns security lights with cameras and alarm system, which will provide you with a comprehensive Cairns security solution.

What other ways can I help to protect my property from crime?

In addition to Cairns security lighting, Integral Electrics Qld can also assist with security cameras and alarms, access control, gate automation, intercom and smart home automation – we can provide a complete Cairns security system solution – for your home or place of work. Above and beyond the use of technology and electricity to secure your property, there are the more ‘obvious’ things you can do. These include:

  • Locking doors and windows (with the key);
  • Keeping valuable items out of line of sight;
  • Ensuring you don’t have any ‘tools’ laying around which might be used to assist with a break and enter, like screwdrivers in car ports etc;
  • Plant prickly hedges and bushes under windows;
  • Get a dog (this is seriously what the police suggested to one of our clients who experienced break and enter at their home).

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