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Private Property Power Pole Installation and Replacement Services Cairns

Cairns property power pole installation and replacement services are handled promptly and professionally, by the team at Integral Electrics Qld. We work with clients large and small, from farmers to rural residential, commercial operations, building and construction sites and more. As always, our team are committed to exceeding expectations and minimising power disruptions, when attending to your Cairns property power pole installation and/or replacement. Our private property power pole services are comprehensive, including system design, installation, cabling and switchboards. We can work with timber, steel and concrete poles and will choose the best material to suit your budget, property and location. Integral Electrics Qld are a Master Electricians Member and you can expect first class service from time of initial enquiry to job completion. We will also liaise with and co-ordinate all and any relevant sub-contractors and suppliers, including excavators and concreters, to ensure efficiency throughout the project. Check our latest project page to see how it’s done. We are available for scheduled as well as emergency services, 24/7. For more information or to request a quote, contact Integral Electrics Qld today on 0480 091 035 or

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>Power Pole Installation

Power Pole Installation

Integral Electrics Qld are the trusted Cairns electricians. Our team has the skills, experience and expertise to design, plan, co-ordinate and complete property power pole installations, across Cairns and surrounds.

>Power Pole Replacement

Power Pole Replacement

Cairns private property power pole replacements are generally required after three decades of service and use. This is due to a number of factors including but not limited to termites, fire, corrosion and structural issues. We can help.

>Temporary Power Poles

Temporary Power Poles

Temporary power poles Cairns can be installed, connected and then disconnected and removed by Integral Electrics Qld. This provides your site with reliable power, great for construction projects, sub-divisions and more.

>We Provide the Solutions

We Provide the Solutions

Our team prides themselves on providing our Cairns electrical clients with the solutions, which is why we are always expanding our expertise and capabilities to cover requirements. Residential, commercial, agricultural and more.

Cairns Private Property Power Poles – Our Services

  • Power Pole Installation
  • Power Pole Maintenance
  • Power Pole Replacement
  • Temporary Power Poles
  • Power System Design
  • Switchboard Connection
  • Mains Upgrades
  • Cabling & Safety Switches
  • Power Pole Removal
  • Property Pole Relocation
  • System Design
  • 24/7 Emergency Call Outs

Power Pole Installation - Private Property Cairns

Power pole installation for private property Cairns and surrounds is handled effectively and professionally by the team at Integral Electrics Qld. Beyond the installation of the actual private property pole, our team of experienced Cairns electricians provide the complete service package. We’ll assess your site and its location, as well as liaising with you in regards to the requirements for the pole and power supply. We’ll then design an appropriate electrical system to deliver results, which might include underground or above cabling, switchboard installation and/or upgrade, safety switches, liaison with your power provider and more.

Our Cairns private property power pole installation services can be for permanent poles or temporary poles. Temporary poles are great for construction sites, sub-divisions and more, creating a reliable source of power for the duration of your project. When you are done, we can come and remove the pole and all associated infrastructure.

Power Pole Replacement - Private Property Cairns

Power pole replacement services for private property across Cairns and surrounds, is another of our services – see our project page for an example of our most recent Cairns private property power pole replacement project. Did you know that power poles should be checked and inspected by a licensed electrician every five years, at a minimum? When the pole is located on private property, then the onus is on the pole / property owner to ensure this happens.

How do you know if your private property power pole requires maintenance or replacement? There are some obvious signs which include excessive leaning, visual evidence of rotting or corrosion, loose or sagging cross arms and the compromise of existing electrical fittings or wires.

When it comes time for your Cairns private property power pole to be replaced, there’s a few things you should consider when choosing a provider. Firstly, it’s important to choose a team that knows what they are doing, this ensures compliance and minimises the time disruption to your power supply. Make sure your electrical supplier of choice has sufficient personnel to get the job done (they usually require 2-4 electricians per project) and finally, choose a provider who can get the pole replaced within the required timeframes.

If you have received a Defect Notice from Ergon Energy, regarding your private power pole, contact Integral Electrics Qld today to get the replacement process started. We will attend your site, provide the quote and co-ordinate every aspect of the job from commencement to completion. We are a Master Electricians Member and are qualified and equipped to assist with private property power pole inspections, maintenance, replacement and/or removal. Contact us on 0480 091 035 or

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