Cairns Automatic Swing Gates

Cairns Automatic Swing Gates

Cairns automatic swing gates are another popular form of property access control for residential and commercial clients. As with sliding gates, swing gates come in a range of design styles, colours and materials. However, unlike sliding gates, Cairns automatic swing gates operate by opening inwards, or outwards (or in both directions if needed), which means you need less space either side of the gate to accommodate its operation. Integral Electrics Qld are the Cairns automatic gate specialists and will provide you with expert advice on choosing the best gate style and brand, to meet your needs. Cairns automatic swing gates can be customized to suit your operational preferences, be it remote control, keypad control, intercom or swipe card. We can even integrate with a solar panel, to minimize energy consumption and costs for operating your new Cairns automatic swing gate. When you choose Integral Electrics Qld you can be assured of quality work, completed on time and budget and with integrity. For more information contact us today on phone or text 0480 091 035 or Please note we also provide an after hours emergency call out service, at night, on the weekend and public holidays, we will be there when you need us.

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>Driveway Swing Gates

Driveway Swing Gates

Cairns automatic swing gates come in a range of styles, colours and sizes. Most are installed in driveways and depending on its width and size, you may require double ‘doors’ or a single swing gate. Integral Electrics Qld provide the solutions.

>Swing Gate Control

Swing Gate Control

Obviously one of the benefits of having an automatic gate, is being able to open and close it remotely, without getting out of your car. We can supply remote controls and/or integrate with keypads, intercoms or swipe cards.

>Stylish Swing Gates

Stylish Swing Gates

While the installation of a swing gate definitely enhances safety, it can also improve the exterior street appeal of your property. Choose a design, material and colour that complements your building’s paint and/or eaves colour.

>Commercial Swing Gates

Commercial Swing Gates

While many commercial clients choose sliding gates, automatic swing gates also provide reliable service and generally speaking, require less maintenance. If you are unsure of what’s best for your property, contact us.

The Benefits Of Cairns Automatic Swing Gates

  • Increased Security
  • Enhanced Privacy
  • Access Control
  • Visual Deterrence
  • Reliable Performance
  • Increase Property Value
  • Peace of Mind
  • Enhance Lifestyle

Cairns Automatic Swing Gates For Residential Purposes

Cairns automatic swing gates are the perfect choice for those properties with narrow driveways. Rather than requiring all the additional ‘sliding space’ of sliding gates, swing gates can open inwards or outwards, to suit the specific space and requirements of your property. Generally speaking, a single swing gate is sufficient for most residential properties, although some do require double gates. We can attend your property and provide advice specific to your block and property. What we love about automatic gates at Integral Electrics Qld is the convenience and safety factor, they enhance access control to your property and remove the need for you to manually get out of the car to open and shut the gate – something you will appreciate even more in our summer rain.

We also love how functionality doesn’t impact on style. There’s a great range of Cairns automatic swing gates available for residential properties. From wrought iron swing gates, with detailed ‘lace work’ for the older, traditional Queenslander style of property, to the modern powder coated, poles, beams and slats of aluminium swing gates, there really is something for everyone and every property. All gates and motors come with a warranty on manufacture and componentry, and Integral Electrics Qld provide a lifetime warranty on our workmanship, for installation, automation and gate maintenance. In addition, should you be experiencing a gate emergency / failure, we’re pleased to provide an after hours emergency call out service, at night, on the weekend and public holidays, we will be there when you need us.

Automatic Swing Gates Cairns For Commercial Purposes

Many commercial clients favour Cairns automatic swing gates, over sliding gates, due to the (generally speaking) lower maintenance requirements. Why is that so? Automatic swing gates have less componentry than sliding gates, so naturally that means less maintenance. Plus, Cairns automatic swing gates provide the same level of security and access control as sliding gates, so there is no ‘downside’ to choosing swing over sliding and you can customise control with a remote, keypad, intercom and/or swipe card. At Integral Electrics Qld we pride ourselves on being the Cairns gate automation specialists. To provide accurate advice, we will attend your property to complete a physical assessment and then provide suggestions on what we think is the best solution, for your property.

If you are installing Cairns automatic swing gates as a part of a security strategy, then Integral Electrics Qld is only too happy to provide an integrated and customised security system solution for your business. This may include intercom access, motion activated lights, CCTV cameras, security alarms and more. Our mobile team work across Cairns city and all surrounding suburbs. For more information on automatic sliding gates, contact us today on phone or text 0480 091 035 or Please note we also provide an after hours emergency call out service, at night, on the weekend and public holidays, so if your gate has stopped working, we will be there when you need us to get it fixed.

What is an automatic swing gate?

An automatic swing gate is a type of gate that operates using an automated mechanism. It consists of one or two panels that swing open and closed, providing controlled access to a property or enclosed area.

How does a Cairns automatic swing gate work?

The Cairns automatic swing gates we use are equipped with motorized systems that move the gate panels in a swinging motion. The gate is typically operated using a remote control, keypad, or sensor. When activated, the motor moves the gate panels outward or inward, allowing entry or exit.

What are the benefits of installing an automatic swing gate Cairns?

Installing a Cairns automatic swing gate offers several advantages, including enhanced security, convenience, and aesthetics. It provides a stylish entrance to your property while ensuring controlled access for vehicles and pedestrians. Additionally, it can value to your property and can be customized to match your desired design.

Can I install a new Cairns automatic swing gate on my existing driveway?

Yes – new Cairns automatic swing gates can be installed on existing driveways. However, it is important to consider the available space, clearance requirements and any potential obstructions that may affect the swinging motion of the gate. Integral Electrics Qld can help, we will provide site specific information and advice, when we attend your property.

Are automatic swing gates safe?

Yes – when installed and maintained properly, Cairns automatic swing gates are safe to use. They are equipped with safety features such as obstacle detection sensors, safety edges, and manual release mechanisms to prevent accidents and ensure the gate stops or reverses if it encounters an obstruction during operation. Additionally, they can be integrated with security systems to enhance the overall safety of your property in Cairns.

What maintenance is required for an automatic swing gate?

Regular maintenance is essential to keep an automatic swing gate in optimal condition. This includes inspecting the mechanical components, lubricating moving parts, checking the safety features, and ensuring the gate panels are clean and free from debris. Integral Electrics Qld can prepare a maintenance schedule to suit your specific gate.

Can I integrate a new Cairns automatic swing gate with other security devices?

Yes – automatic swing gates can be integrated with various security systems such as access control systems, intercoms, and surveillance cameras in Cairns. This integration allows for seamless control and monitoring of the gate’s operation, providing an added layer of security to your property.

Are automatic swing gates suitable for commercial properties in Cairns?

Yes – automatic swing gates are commonly used in commercial properties in Cairns due to their durability, security features, and ability to handle heavy usage. They offer a professional and secure entrance for businesses, industrial sites, and gated communities, ensuring controlled access and enhancing the overall security of the premises.

Can I customize the design of an automatic swing gate?

Yes – many automatic swing gate manufacturers offer a range of design options to suit various architectural styles and personal preferences. You can often choose the gate’s material, finish, colour, and additional features to ensure it complements the aesthetics of your property in Cairns.

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