Cairns Intercom Installation

Cairns Intercom Installation, Repairs & Maintenance

Cairns intercom installation, repairs and maintenance are all a part of our services, here at Integral Electrics Qld. Sadly, the crime rate across Cairns and its suburbs has been increasing, with many members of the community looking at ways to enhance their home and business security. Professional intercom systems are one of the ways you can achieve this, and we can assist with sourcing and installing the best system, to suit your needs, property and circumstances. We’re also the professionals when it comes to Cairns intercom repairs and maintenance, identifying problems and implementing solutions that work, even when many have tried and failed before us. At Integral Electrics Qld we pride ourselves on delivering our services on time, on budget and to a 5-star standard, every time. For more information, or to book one of our Cairns intercom installation, repairs or maintenance services, contact us today on (07) 4028 3116 or text 0480 091 035 or

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>Home Intercom

Home Intercom

Home intercom units provide you with the security and peace of mind of being able to ‘screen’ who is visiting and accessing your property, without opening a door. They can be audio only units, or audio and video intercom systems.

>Commercial Intercom

Commercial Intercom

Cairns commercial intercom systems are in place at a variety of properties across the city and surrounds. If your system needs repairs or maintenance, Integral Electrics can help. We also provide professional intercom installation services.

>Free Assessment & Quote

Free Assessment & Quote

We service clients across the city and surrounds and are pleased to provide free assessment and quotes, for all Cairns intercom installations and requirements. We’re committed to making it easy, providing the equipment and expertise for complete solutions.

>After Hours Services

After Hours Services

At Integral Electrics Qld we pride ourselves on putting the customer first. That’s why we’re pleased to provide after hours services and emergency services 24/7, if required. For more information contact us today on (07) 4028 3116.

Why Choose Integral Electrics Qld

  • Professional Electricians
  • Delivering Best Solutions
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  • Courteous & Clean
  • Respectful of Property
  • Arrive on Time, Every Time
  • Excellent Communicators
  • Quick Response Rate

Cairns Intercom Installation Electrician

Cairns intercom installation services are handled safely and professionally by the team at Integral Electrics Qld. We source leading intercom brands and products, to provide superior, reliable services, for residential and commercial properties.

Our solutions are tailored to your needs, budget and property. From individual houses and dwellings, to multi-residential apartment complexes and more. They can be stand-alone units, or integrated with security lighting and cameras, to provide total peace of mind.

Once we’ve completed our Cairns intercom installation services at your premises, the benefits are immediate. You’ll have more security and more control over who can access your property. They also act as a deterrent to potential criminals, especially when paired with CCTV and security lights.

Cairns Intercom Repairs & Maintenance Electrician

Are you looking for a qualified electrician who can provide efficient and effective Cairns intercom repairs and maintenance services? If so, you’ve found us here at Integral Electrics Qld.

We work with residential and commercial property owners, body corporates and strata management clients, across the city and all surrounding suburbs and areas. From Gordonvale to Port Douglas and everywhere in between. We’re available for routine maintenance and scheduled or emergency Cairns intercom repairs.

At Integral Electrics Qld, we’re committed to finding solutions to your intercom and electrical requirements. For more information, or to book a service, contact us on (07) 4028 3116 or text 0480 091 035 or

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