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Integral Electrics Qld is a young company who turn up with a smile on their dial, every day. We love what we do. We grow our business through word of mouth referrals, on the back of our continual commitment to exceeding our customers’ expectation. We work hard, but it hardly seems like working, because we’re in our happy place working with awesome clients every day. We keep up to date with the latest innovations in the electrical industry, liaising with supplier brands and products to deliver the best solutions to our customers. The ideal candidate for our electrical jobs in Cairns will be someone who loves what they do. Loves diversity, is driven in the pursuit of professional excellence and strives to always learn and improve practices every day. If this sounds like you contact us. Integral Electrics Qld, providing the solutions for electrical jobs in Cairns, for people who are as passionate as we are. Call 0480 091 035 or text 0480 091 035 or email admin@integralelectricsqld.com.au

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Request A Quote

>Electrical Jobs in Cairns

Electrical Jobs in Cairns

This is not just any electrical job in Cairns. This is a place where you can grow, learn and shine. Be valued. Be respected. Make a difference and work with an energetic team of young electrical professionals.

>Friendly Work Environment

Friendly Work Environment

Our enthusiastic team are 110% committed to doing a great job. Family owned and operated, we are all about professional work, delivered with courtesy and a commitment to exceeding customer expectations.

>Rewards For Quality Work

Rewards For Quality Work

Be rewarded for your ability and effort towards jobs and clients. You’ll be financially rewarded on your effort because your development as a tradesperson is paramount. So bonuses are available and on the table.

>Apply Today

Apply Today

If you’re ready to commit to excellence, working in a high energy team who value truth, safety and transparency, then Integral Electrics Qld are the team for you. Read on for more information on how to apply.

Electrical Jobs in Cairns - With Integral Electrics Qld

  • Unique Rewards System
  • Friendly Work Environment
  • Young, Professional Team
  • Exciting Work Challenges
  • Everyday Will Be Different
  • Industry Leading Products
  • Attention To Your Growth
  • Commitment To Excellence

Can You Commit To Excellence? - Because We Do!

  • Will you come to work energised and enthusiastic every day? Completing a job and leaving our customers feeling great, that they called you to do their work?
  • Are you committed to learning and improving your skills? Enhancing the experience of our customers with quality work and advice, using leading brands and technology.
  • Safety is paramount. We expect that every property you work at is electrically safe and functional, on job completion.
  • Will you be completely honest and transparent with everyone you work with throughout your day?
  • Do you pride yourself not only on the quality of your electrical work, but in every aspect of your job?
  • At Integral Electrics Qld being a part of our team is all about attitude and approach, as equally important as your professional skills.

If you answered ‘YES’ to all of the above – we would love to hear from you! Contact Ryoko or Kevin at Integral Electrics Qld today on 0480 091 035 or text 0480 091 035 or admin@integralelectricsqld.com.au

Our Core Values At Integral Electrics Qld

  • We genuinely love what we do.
  • We’re passionate about safety.
  • We provide a total solution to our customers’ needs, including advice on the latest, industry leading products. Every day presents a different range of jobs and challenges.
  • We measure our success on our customers’ satisfaction. A job done right the first time, helps make us the ‘go to’ team for future electrical requirements.
  • We also believe in balance and the importance of job satisfaction.
  • We value working with a great team of people who make you smile.

At Integral Electrics Qld we look after our people! We respect every team member ensuring they feel supported for personal and professional growth. We serve a wide variety of customers, with a range of electrical needs, this keeps it fresh and exciting. It’s not all daisies and electrical gates, sometimes there are emergency call outs and working in the rain. But that’s life in the tropics and we wouldn’t live or have it, any other way.

How Can You Get A Job With Us?

We want to know you’ve read all of this completely. If you’ve ticked all the boxes and can commit to excellence, then you need to give Ryoko or Kevin a call on 0480 091 035.

During this call you can ask any questions you have about the position, or Integral Electrics Qld. We’ll also set a fun challenge for you, which will show us what you love about being an electrician and why you want to join our team. You’ve got the power!

If we look serious here, it’s because we’re serious about finding the right people for our team! We take the job seriously, but we have fun doing it and are always up for a laugh.

If you are ready to commit to excellence, working in a high energy team who value truth, safety and transparency, then Integral Electrics Qld are the team for you. Email us your resume and show us your skills – admin@integralelectricsqld.com.au

Ready to start the process? Give us a call on 0480 091 035. We look forward to speaking to you!

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