Security Systems Cairns Specialists

Security Systems Cairns Specialists

Integral Electrics Qld will provide your property with front line defence from unlawful entry, break and enter and burglary. At Home. At Work. On The Farm. In The Shed. Our team are the security systems Cairns specialists. We prepare comprehensive security networks to cover all the bases, or you can select from our individual products and services, which includes security lighting, CCTV and security cameras, automated gates, intercoms and access control. It’s a proven fact that having a visible security system in place does deter would be robbers, and with crime in Cairns at record levels, our Cairns security system services will bring you peace of mind, with quality security solutions. At Integral Electrics Qld we’re serious about safety and security and our team will attend your property across the city and all surrounding suburbs and areas, from Gordonvale to Port Douglas. Contact us today on phone or text to 0480 091 035 or email We guarantee attendance within 24 hours during the working week for all of our security services. Our Security Firm License number is #471558.

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>Security Lighting

Security Lighting

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your security and peace of mind, then security lights are a cost-effective way to put intruders in the spotlight, literally. They can be functional, stylish, automatic or motion activated.

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>Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras are a tried and true method of enhancing security at your property. It’s an obvious visual deterrent for criminals, but also provides an accurate record of any criminal activity.

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>Security Alarms

Security Alarms

Cairns security alarm installations is one of our most in-demand services at Integral Electrics Qld and we’re only too happy to provide the solution. Our service is professional, efficient and thorough.

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Intercoms provide another layer of control and protection, between you and someone wanting to access your property. There’s a range of options from audio only, to audio and video and integration with other componentry.

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Security Systems Cairns That Burglars Hate

  • Motion Sensor Lighting
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Burglar Alarms
  • Security Systems

Protect Your Property, With Our Cairns Security Systems

Cairns is leading the state in crime rate growth, fact. In 2022 there were 6,500 unlawful entries to Cairns properties and the rate of robberies increased 23%, to its highest level in two decades. Sadly, these figures only confirm what we already know which is that now, more than ever, you need to take steps to increase your security and protect your property. Not only for when you are at home, but just as importantly, for when you are not at home, be it at work or on holiday. Integral Electrics Qld provides the solution for your Cairns security system needs, with advice, products and service, for home and office.

From installing new motion activated lights, to cameras, alarms, access control solutions and smart home automation, we can do it all. Our electrical services are covered with a lifetime workmanship warranty and the security products we use, are chosen for their quality and reliability in our tropical conditions.

Stay ahead of the crime curve with our security systems Cairns and have the peace of mind that you’ve taken the initiative to protect your property. We look forward to working with you.

A Safer Tomorrow, Starts With Our Security Systems Cairns

Secure your home or business with our security systems Cairns. We provide solutions that meet your needs today and protect you into the foreseeable future. As well as being a visual deterrent to potential robbers, fully integrated Cairns security systems provide you with the means to monitor and record what is happening at key vantage points around your property, have access control and recorded footage which can be provided to police to help prevent future break-in attempts from occurring. Best of all, they provide you with increased peace of mind, that you are taking active steps towards a safer tomorrow.

Integral Electrics Qld provide the solutions. You can expect honest advice, quality products and service completed with pride and integrity. Contact us today on phone or text 0480 091 035 or We guarantee attendance within 24 hours during the working week for all our scheduled security services and are also available to respond to your emergency 24/7.

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