Air Conditioning Servicing Cairns

Air Conditioning Servicing Cairns

Air conditioning servicing Cairns units of all makes, models and sizes is critical to ensure reliable performance is being delivered in an energy efficient way. Air conditioners in Cairns work hard to keep people, products and stock cool in sometimes sweltering conditions. For residential air conditioning units the load is more heavy during the summer months, less so in the cooler times of the year. As such, it’s best to look at servicing these units in the off-peak times or just prior to summer, this will ensure they are ready to go when needed. Commercial air conditioning units tend to work right throughout the year and should be serviced annually to maintain performance. Integral Electrics Qld provide the solutions with a team of professionals able to attend your premises at a time most suited to you, which for commercial clients may include before and after hours service. We provide rapid response and quality work and look forward to meeting your air conditioning servicing Cairns requirements. For more information or to book a service, contact Integral Electrics Qld today on 0480 091 035, or text 0488 846 626 or

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>Air Conditioning Servicing

Air Conditioning Servicing

Don’t wait until your air conditioner stops working or won’t turn on – which always happens at the worst possible time, trust us – get it serviced by our team of professionals. We provide thorough service and preventative maintenance for all brands and models.

>Residential Air Conditioners

Residential Air Conditioners

Cairns residential air conditioners are installed in most properties. They may be wall units, box units, split systems, ducted systems or ceiling cassettes. Much like your car engine, these units should be serviced regularly to maintain peak performance.

>Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial Air Conditioners

Commercial air conditioners and air conditioning systems can be very expensive, to purchase and operate. Which is why investing in routine servicing is critical, to maintain energy efficient performance and reliability. We can help.

>Air Conditioning Cleaning

Air Conditioning Cleaning

There has never been more attention placed upon the importance of clean air to keep people healthy, than during COVID. Our cleaning service removes mould, bacteria and any fungus that may be living inside your air conditioner filter. Book one today.

Cairns Air Conditioning Servicing & Maintenance

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House Air Conditioning Servicing Cairns

House air conditioning servicing Cairns provides the opportunity to save you money, which is something we’re all interested in right?! How does it do it? Apart from ensuring your machine is operating with maximum energy efficiency, hence reducing power bill blow-outs, you’re also safe-guarding against future emergency call outs and repairs. Routine servicing will also help to extend the life your air conditioner.

What do we do as a part of our house air conditioning servicing Cairns? To start with we check the gas levels, because low levels can impact the cooling ability of your machine. Leaks are also a health and safety risk, so you’d want that identified nice and early. We also ensure the air is flowing efficiently through the machine, which includes a functioning and operating check. Another important aspect of air conditioning servicing is checking and cleaning the filters, to ensure the air entering your property through the machine is ‘clean air’.

Integral Electrics Qld provide the solutions. We service residential air conditioners across Cairns city and surrounds. We work on all leading models and types, including bedroom split systems, multi split systems across a property, box units, wall units and ceiling cassettes. For more information or to book a service contact us today on 0480 091 035, or text 0488 846 626 or

Commercial Air Conditioning Servicing Cairns

Commercial air conditioning servicing Cairns can be completed before or after hours by arrangement. That means your staff, guests and/or clients will not be impacted by the lack of air conditioning, for the time it takes us to complete a service. It should be considered a part of regular and routine maintenance, much like test and tag and smoke alarm systems and monitoring. By having a schedule of commercial air conditioning servicing Cairns in place, you are investing into the longevity and energy efficiency of your unit. Which is a win for business of any size.

Our team of friendly electricians are committed to providing first class service, which includes cleaning up after themselves and leaving your premises ready for business. For your convenience we can even plan a schedule and provide timely reminders for when your commercial air conditioning servicing Cairns call out is due. We service all leading brands of air conditioners and guarantee our work. For more information or to book a service contact us today on 0480 091 035, or text 0488 846 626 or

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